Effective: May 25, 2018

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Information We Collect & How We Use

Email Address from Our Partners’ Website

We are authorized by our partners to send emails to users from our partners who are also specialize in coupon business. If you are transferred from our partners’ website, you will be directed to our page for coupon alert management. You can follow the steps to manage your subscription or unsubscribe. We will never leak or share your email information to anyone in any case. We only use your email address to send you the latest coupons and deals for your favorite stores which you have subscribed from our partners’ website or our website. By subscribing or submitting the page for coupon alert management, you agree to CouponCodeAlert.com terms of use and privacy policy. And you may unsubscribe at any time from the page for coupon alert management or from the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email you received from us.

Email Address from CouponCodeAlert.com

We collect your email address by subscribing to our coupon alerts or newsletter. You can subscribe to our coupon alerts for your favorite stores by using the subscription box from the left side of the store’s coupon page or using the subscription box from the bottom of the pop-out page after you click every “GET CODE” or “GET DEAL” button from the right of every coupon or offer. You can subscribe to our newsletter by using the subscription box from the bottom of the whole website footer. We only use your email address to send you the latest coupons and deals for your favorite stores or the newsletters of hot promotions from popular stores for special holidays such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. We promise that we will never leak or share your email information. You are free to unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email you received from us if you no longer wish to receive our coupon alerts or newsletter.

Contact Information

We get your contact information from the contact form if you submit your inquiry at our Contact page. Your contact information includes your name and your email address. We only use your contact information to get in touch with you when we reply your question or inquiry.

Information We Collect Automatically


About Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites save locally to your computer, mobile phone, or other device when you first visit a page. When you visit a website, the website sends the cookie to your computer. Your computer stores it in a file located inside your web browser. (To help you find it, this file is often called “Cookies.”) Cookies allow websites to keep track of your visits and activity during your visit. This isn’t always a bad thing. Most cookies are used to help enhance user experience and make the website better for you. For example, when you visit an online shopping store, your items in the shopping cart will be kept track of by using the cookies. Without cookies, your shopping cart would be cleared every time when you click a new link on the site. That would be very inconvenient when you shop online.

Some websites might also use cookies to record your most recent visit or login information. It will be useful for you if you don’t want to re-enter the passwords every time when you visit the frequently used sites. And it will be convenient for you to know what you have visited or downloaded in the past.

There are different types of cookies which are used to keep track of different activities.

You can visit www.aboutcookies.org for more information about cookies.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies to:

We learn how our site is used by using users’ web browser cookies. We use cookies to improve user experience. Cookies and web browsing logs may track the time of visit, time spent, and the most frequently visited pages. This information does not contain any personal information. We can personalize better user experience for you when you visit our site. You can refuse cookies by setting your web browser. Please read your browser's Help settings to learn how to manage your browser settings. Note that if you choose to refuse cookies, some parts of our site may not function properly. You will be informed about the use of cookies when you first visit this website. You agree to the use of cookies on this website if you continue to visit this website without changing your cookie settings.

List of Cookies

Mandatory cookies are necessary to make the basic functions of our website function properly. And with them, you can navigate and use certain functions when visit this website.

Session cookies are used to store information about your activities when you visit our website. Session cookies are tracked for the duration of your visit. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Persistent cookies are stored on your device over a period of time, so your browser will recognized when you visit again within that time.

Analytics Cookies: We use Google Analytics to analyze the usage of our website. Our analytics service provider use cookies to generate statistical and other information to create reports about how our site is used. It can also be used to help improve Google's products and services. Our analytics service provider's privacy policy is available at: https://policies.google.com/privacy.

Tracking Cookies are used to charge commissions to business partners with whom we cooperate. If you finish a purchase on the merchant’s site by clicking from our site, the cookie can help identifies you as coming from our website. And we can earn our commission. The tracking cookies are only used to correctly allocate sales to the respective offer on our website.

Functional cookies are used to help you save your chosen settings for your next visit. All information collected by these cookies is provided to us only in an aggregated form. They are used only for the purpose of developing and improving the functionality and performance of the website.

Third Party Websites

You can find the advertising or some other content on our site may link to other websites including our affiliate partners’ online stores or other third party websites. The content of those third party websites is not under our control. And we are not responsible for any actions or policies of third party websites, who may have their own privacy policies. And we are not responsible for the products sold by these online stores; you can try to contact their customer service center provided at their websites.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

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